Typical SAGD Plant Design Templates 

Petro Engineering Canada Ltd. has developed standard design templates for 5,000 BPD and 10,000 BPD SAGD plants as well as Well Pads. These off-the-shelf design packages could provide our clients with modular design concepts ready to go reducing project engineering and procurement durations resulting in substantial cost savings to customers.

Typical SAGD plants invariably have the following process units built in the CPF (Central Processing Facility) and well pads:

• Bitumen Treatment (Treater, FWKO, De-Sanding, Slop Treatment, Exchanger Wash, Chemical Injection, Sales Oil Management and LACT)

• Storage Tanks Facility (Bitumen, Diluent, Water, etc.)

• De-Oiling (Skim Tank, Induced Gas Flotation(IGF), Oil Removal Filters (ORF), De-Oiled water tank)

• Water Treatment (After Filter/SAC, HLS Package, Caustic & Brine Systems, Process Pond, Blowdown Tank, chemical packages)

• Steam Generation (OTSGs, Water Disposal System, HP/LP/MP steam systems, BFW system)

• Utilities (Brackish water, VRU, Fuel Gas, LP/HP Flare, heating/cooling medium, Produced Gas, Air, electric power, Safety Systems)

• Sulfur production and recovery as required

• Offices and Warehouses

• Well Pads (Test Separator, Produced Vapor Compressor, Steam Inlet, Condensate Tank, Vent Stack, Sleeper Racks, Production Pumps)

Deliverables shortly after contract award are:

1. BFDs

2. PFDs

3. Equipment List

4. Plot Plans

5. Modules’ 3D Model (ready for 60% model review)

6. Material Requisitions (MRs) for major mechanical / electrical equipment and manual valves

7. PIDs

8. EWPs for all pipe rack modules (structural steel, piping, electrical)

9. EWPs for selected process modules

10. Preliminary MTOs (piping, electrical, instrumentation)